About Us

High Performance Lubricants is not your typical oil company. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products to protect your fleet’s vehicles or plant’s rotating equipment. Many oil companies choose to add a lot of fluff to their marketing campaign rather than focusing on producing a better product.

When making a lubricant it’s all about choices. Although there are only a few base oil suppliers and only slightly more additive suppliers to choose from there are various quality levels of products available. High Performance Lubricants chooses the best base oils combined with the highest quality additives for our products. The end result is a significant improvement in our oils life and wear reduction compared to others. These differences can easily be verified by oil analysis.

High Performance Lubricants has invested heavily in a state-of-the-art facility, which allows for product development and topnotch quality assurance from conception to completion. Our stringent quality control of each raw material and each batch our plant produces ensures accurate, consistent and high performing lubricants.

Bigger is not always better. The larger a company becomes, the more tempting it is to shave cost off your formulation to increase the bottom line. Unfortunately, while this thought process is beneficial to the oil company, it is not so beneficial to you the customer.

Our love for racing and anything else with wheels allows us to enjoy our R&D. In reality the products that end up in our automotive line for the street or fleets are very similar to the oils that run on the track. We do not make light duty products.

We are quite happy being a smaller, focused, and responsive company. You will never hear “press 2 for English” when you call us. We are blessed to have the industry’s most talented people as a resource to help troubleshoot your applications and improve your bottom line using our lubricants.