HPL Manual Transmission Fluid is specially formulated with a variety of robust antioxidants to maintain high temperature stability when subject to the most challenging conditions. This fluid is comprised of synthetic base oils and state of the art additive technology. These heavy-duty transmission fluids provide exceptional protection and extended operating life. HPL Manual Transmission Fluid offers outstanding power transfer and smooth gear shifting even during the harshest operating environments.

– Excellent wear protection and superior high
temperature stability
– Extends equipment operating life

– Formulated with multiple antioxidants

– Meets or Exceeds:
T-04, T-04M, Allison C-4, TE-ML-03C,
Komatsu KES 07.868.1 (2002),
API CF Performance (protection in
case of accidental use in diesel engines), Caterpillar
1M-PC test results also meet API CF-2 Limits