PAG Life is a fully synthetic Polyalkylene Glycol oil designed for industrial gear, bearing and compressor applications. It is also ideally suited for use in propane refrigeration systems. PAG Life’s extreme thermal and oxidative stability reduces sludge formation and deposits. It is formulated with the very best base oils and additives, giving it a high level of protection from rust and corrosion while also affording exceptional wear protection. The low coefficient of friction helps improve gear and bearing efficiency and lowers oil operating temperatures, therefore lowering the operating costs and extending the life of seals. PAG Life is not compatible with mineral oils or synthetic hydrocarbon oils like PAO.

– Available in ISO Grades 32 to 320.
– Excellent Thermal and Oxidative Stability
– Prevents Corrosion and Rust
– Improves Gear Efficiency
– Reduces Energy Costs
– Reduces Maintenance and Disposal Costs
– PAG Life is NOT compatible with hydrocarbon oils